IT solutions on blockchain


New solutions backed by the blockchain architecture – that is the consensus – will change the global economy; however relatively few use cases launched yet; we expect a large number of those during the next years


Can the market players innovate as much as the market will change?


There are few real use case solutions based on blockchain technology, we mean real cases where the BC technology is clearly showing its advantages over the traditional technologies/processes.

While it is a consensus that the technology will disrupt the world’s economy.

Reasons of slower acceptance/adoption? Slow processing time, real decentralisation missing, fear of security breach fueled by news on cryptocurrency volatility.


Our approach?

Be ready. Create your own prototypes. Educate clients.


Technology is evolving continuously, like internet did in early years; while the basic idea of decentralized distributed ledger is clearly something which can bring us to the next generation of solutions.

At Rinne we have started to develop new products based on blockchain technology, using the expertise of our JV partners in technology or entertainment – and our expertise in the financial industry and IT.


Our Blockchain projects


Digital content certificate…

…and much more. Think of a big marketplace where you are able to issue and sell new digital content with a certificate, so the authenticity, the ownership can be checked by anybody over the world. Think of selling any digital content on a secondary market where the buyer will trust the product’s origin – thus being ready to pay a higher price.


  • Transparency: Imagine that nobody is having doubt about the product you are selling since they can validate the product based on the certificate.
  • IP rights protected:  Think of a world where content created by you can be only re-published when certificate is issued by you, as a content creator. IP rights owners will be always rewarded.
  • Premium market: The new ecosystem will open the possibility of issuing limited/premium editions of digital products – including exclusive content.
  • Monitoring non-digital products: IP rights/origin can be uploaded and monitored on the new ecosystem of ATrust – using blockchain – stored and validated data – eliminating possibility of fraud.
  • Other use cases: music/video authenticity tracing and IP rights protection; tracing/authenticate luxury car owner’s club membership or golf memberships – creating a market for it

It is the era of new Trust Economy for all participants: newcomers, established brands and above all, the buyers  -with history of trades, authenticity control and clear ownership structure


We are in process of creating solutions for all companies offering or trading digital content, while linking them to an ecosystem, a market which is based  on AVEX Japan’s new platform, called ATrust


We at RINNE offer applications which link you to the platform, offering you access to all the opportunities the ATrust platform is offering: issuance, protection, monitoring, trade of digital and non-digital good – offering a new level of transparency for the global community.


First prototype is expected mid October 2019. Be the first one to use the advantages of the new global ecosystem!


Document flow management solution

Together with our group of partners (including Eversystems Inc Japan), we are developing a solution which could make more efficient the communication between various companies engaged in communication which requires exchange, validation, approval of documents.

The solution will manage various processes with relatively minor modifications/customisations, providing great help and much shorter process turnaround time for e.g companies/banks involved in Trade Finance; or investment banks, where the M&A processes are involving larger number of parties.


First prototype is expected mid November 2019.


More details about our projects are available upon request.

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