Independent Team, selected Partners


Rinne was founded by professionals who have at least 15 years of experience in strategic planning, consulting, change management, programming and systems implementation.

The Team excels in roles necessary for end-to-end IT project delivery, combining expertise in business with the latest technologies. Whilst many large consulting companies sway toward particular IT providers and methodologies; Rinne remains entirely independent, with expertise gained from numerous successful international projects.


We bring to the table blockchain-based solutions, digital queuing - backed by an experienced consulting team


We develop solutions on using various blockchain technologies through our partnership with companies active in the blockchain industry. The scope is to create own products which will successfully compete with the traditional models and solutions.

Our latest partners include companies from Europe and APAC in the domains of digital queuing/appointment management, blockchain experts and developers, STO experts and platforms, companies active in entertainment industry.

Rinne Difference

Rinne improves its clients’ performance by the assessment and implementation of new technologies, and technical, cultural and business transformation. Rinne delivers value from the application of technology, transfer of knowledge and our experience.

Rinne Value

Experienced, skilled individuals, within a high competence, low overhead, agile structure for excellence and economy in technology project delivery.

The Modern Consulting Basis : Win=Win

Modern business is mobile, distributed and connected in real-time. Why should your consultant be any different? At rinne we keep our costs down and our consultants engaged; Our clients don’t pay for expensive offices or consultants’ down-time.

Higher Value

We form project teams on a best for gig basis; so our clients get the best skills, at the best rates.
Same Skills, same Deliverable / Lower Fees = Higher Value

High Quality

Rinne offers degrees of exclusivity on the client side, we remain unbounded to use the best value vendors and technology.
Clients benefit from our quality delivery and cost base reduction across the whole engagement

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